About Me

Hi! I'm Raye. I am a graphic designer, lettering artist, blogger, and all around design nerd. Through my monthly Printable Creations, I hope to help you bring some light, color, inspiration, and encouragement to your walls. Here's to surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy!


I am originally from North Texas but now live with my husband Ryan in South Texas. Yay humidity (not)! I love way too many TV shows (Shondaland is awesome), movies (I am a hopeless romantic), books (Harry Potter), and all things graphic design. I went to Texas A&M University and earned my bachelor’s degree in Visualization. What’s visualization, you ask? It’s what A&M calls the degree program for computer graphics including graphic design, animation, web design, and game design. It’s also in the College of Architecture. Yeah, it confused me too. Anyway, I focused on graphic design but also gained valuable skills and experience in animation and other sides of the design industry.

My previous jobs were in book publishing and web design and then circumstances started me in freelancing. Circumstances changed again and I became a part-time youth coordinator at my church. So even though I now do my designing part-time, it gives me the chance to work on my own designs and ideas which I will share on this blog and my Etsy shop.