26 Things About Me


My birthday is this week--I am turning 26--so I wanted to kick off my birthday week with a little introduction to the girl behind Raye Allison Creations. So keep reading to learn 26 things about me from some of the basics to where my love for design and lettering came from. My birthday is this week--I am turning 26--so I wanted to kick off my birthday week with a little introduction to the girl behind Raye Allison Creations. So keep reading to learn 26 things about me from some of the basics to where my love for design and lettering came from.

The Basics

1. I am the oldest of two

I have a younger brother that I love. Even though we would fight, growing up, it was nice to have someone to imagine and play with.

2. I have lived in Texas my whole life

Grew up in a suburb of Dallas, moved to College Station for college, lived in Katy, TX for one year after I got married, presently live even further south to Angleton, TX.

3. I have red hair and love being a ginger

I have never and will never die my hair. It’s the perfect shade of auburn.

4. I was in marching band in high school

I played oboe during concert season and cymbals on the drumline during marching season.

I drive a yellow truck5. I drive a yellow truck

I got it when I was 16 and feel old realizing I have been driving for 10 years

6. I am an Aggie and am part of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2013

“Aggie bred, Aggie born, 100% Aggie” I had that on a shirt growing up and never wanted to go anywhere else

7. I have a BS in Visualization from Texas A&M

An artistic degree in the College of Architecture that required 2 years of calculus and physics. The main focus of the Visualization degree is animation (watch one of my first animation projects here) but I ended up focusing on graphic design.

8. I have been married almost 2 years

Ryan and I got married March 21, 2015. We now have the same initials, awww. :)

9. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my now husband proposing <3

He didn’t want to propose on my birthday so he popped the question the day before with an UP adventure book scrapbook with the proposal on one of the pages.

10. On our first date, Ryan and I watched UP and it has become our movie

Our wedding was loosely UP themed. We also went ice skating and got ice cream on our first date.



11. My favorite book series: Harry Potter

Absolutely loved these books and the movies. My mom would read the books to us, voices and all, when my brother and I first wanted to read them.

12. My favorite movies of all time: A Walk to Remember and The Fault in Our Stars

Why do I like sad cancer movies???

13. I  love romantic comedies

From 27 Dresses, The Proposal, My Big Fat Greek Wedding to the pretty cheesy Hallmark movies on every Saturday.

14. My favorite TV shows of all time: Gilmore Girls and Friends

I own the whole series on DVD for both of these shows...though now they are on Netflix. And I can basically quote every episode of both these shows. Oy with the Poodles already! He’s her lobster! I even did a blog post about some graphic design lessons you can learn from the Gilmore Girls.

15. I also love all of Shonda Rhimes’ TV shows (TGIT!!)

Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Oh My!

16. On Monday nights, you can find me on the couch watching The Bachelor

I have watched almost every season since I was in high school and I started watching them with my Mom.



17. Disney World is one my favorite places to visit

I have been to Disney World 4 times and Disneyland once. My favorite part of the park is Hollywood Studios because you get to see behind the scenes of many movies and see some movie magic.

What I learned about design from the Lord of the Rings movies

18. I got to spend a semester in Australia

It was my first time to ever leave the country, I hadn’t even been to Mexico before. I also documented the semester on my first blog, The Adventures of a Ginger Down Under. Highlights of the trip were getting to see the Sydney Opera House, hold a Koala, and pet a kangaroo!

19. At the top of my travel bucket list is New York City and Europe

I really want to visit New York and see Times Square and a play on Broadway and so much else! I also just want to travel all over Europe because who doesn’t.

20. I went to England for a week in college

The Methodist organization I was apart of in college, the Wesley Foundation, goes on this trip every few years to learn about Methodist history. I also got to see some of the places the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Now I want to go back and see the rest of Europe.



21. I am the youth director at my church

This was a surprise opportunity that came up last summer and I am so glad it did.

22. I have always wanted to be some sort of artist

I took art lessons when I was in elementary and junior high. My favorite mediums to work in were clay and pastel.

23. Growing up I wanted to work at Disney as an animator

Now the physical drawing for an animated movie is not a big a thing anymore but I would still love to work for Disney.

24. I didn’t really discover graphic design until 7th and 8th grade

In 7th grade I joined the yearbook staff. My first graphic design skill that I taught myself was how to make text an outline so I could put pictures within the text.

25. Now my dream job would be to work for Pixar as a graphic designer

I love Pixar, everything about their process and their movies and I just really want to work there. I wrote a post about applying Pixar's storytelling rules to graphic design.

26. I have been doing lettering since I was in junior high

When I was little, I was really into crafting and scrapbooking, not realizing that it would become a business for me later.


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me and my story. What are some of your favorite things? Let me know in the comments!