5 Summer Project Ideas to Add to Your Portfolio


It’s summer so that means time to sleep in and relax for three months, right? Yes, definitely, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop designing. Enjoy your break and finally start that passion project that has been brewing in the back of your mind. Play around in a new program and develop a new skill. Up your design game this summer with these design project ideas that you can add to your portfolio.  

Up your design game this summer with these design project ideas that you can add to your portfolio.


Create a Challenge for Yourself

Choose something to do for a set time period (30 days, 90 days) during the summer. You could sketch your pet, draw your favorite letter, handletter a quote, or paint with watercolors. It can be whatever you want. Set aside a few minutes each day to create your work. You can even post your work to social media to share the work you are doing. After the time period you set, look back to see the progress you have made.

Inspiration: Jessica Hische, Daily Drop Cap  |  #100DayProject


Learn a New Skill

Take advantage of your break and develop a new skill. Try a new program or style that you are interested in. If you are a Photoshop master, try using Illustrator to illustrate a scene. If you typically work with vectors, try working with video and maybe make a motion graphic. Pick a project that you want to complete and work on learning the skills necessary for that project.

Tutorials: Chris Spooner  |  Envato Tuts Plus  |  Lynda.com


Design an Infographic

Pick your favorite topic and do some research. Design an infographic with the information you know and have found. Sketch out the layout of your information and figure out how you want to represent the different types of information.

Inspiration: The 99 Best Infographics  |  Designspiration


Redesign your Favorite Book’s Cover

Redesign your favorite book’s cover in a new style. Try illustrating it or handlettering the title. Experiment with different styles and just have fun with it.

Inspiration: Risa Rodil  |  Penguin Drop Caps


Design a Logo for Yourself

Explore the art of branding by designing a logo for you and whatever your creative aspirations are. Figure out the best way to represent yourself with one image. You can use your name or create an icon for yourself. Sketch some ideas and go through the process of choosing colors and fonts. Once you have a logo, you can even put your logo on a business card.

Inspiration: Logo Design Love  |  Logospire

Have a great summer and always be creating!