5 Tips for Printing Your Printables


If you haven’t noticed already, I am a fan of printables. I have free printables on my blog every week and sell printable art prints in my Etsy shop. Printables make for easy decor that you can print in your own home and display in a frame you already have. This week I wanted to give you some tips for making sure what you print is the best quality it can be.  

My tips for how to get the best quality printable from your home printer.

Some things to remember about printing printables:

The color on the screen vs the printout will not be exactly the same

That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your computer or printer, it is just a difference in how your monitor interprets colors and how your printer interprets colors.

Cardstock or photo paper is recommended

Cardstock is thicker than normal printer paper and won’t tear or fold as easily, but is still easy to handle and cut. If you want a glossy look, you can print on 8.5x11 photo paper.

Examples of my latest printable on cardstock and photo paper.


On print dialogue box, make sure the size is set to “Actual Size” and not to Fit or Scale

Sometimes computers decide that what you’re printing is too big and tries to scale it down, so just double-check that the Actual Size box is checked so that the printable will come out 5x7 (Printable Creations) or 8x10 (Etsy shop).

Make sure that the print size is set to "Actual Size" and not Fit or Scale.


Printing at a local store

Places like Staples or Office Max offer printing services. Just take your file on a thumb drive to the desk and have them print it for you. All my printables can be printed on 8.5x11 paper so all you have to choose is the paper type that you want.

Cut your printable out with scissors or a paper-cutter and display proudly

I generally have a faint outline or trim marks on the printables so you know where to cut.

Now that you have your printables printed, check out these creative printable decorating ideas. And subscribe below to get a new free printable in your inbox every Wednesday!