Be the Sunshine | Printable Creations

How is it already August!? I feel like I start every blog post surprised that a month has gone by. July was a less busy month for me, and yet it is already almost over. This month’s Printable Creations quote is:

“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine”

I love a good quote about sunshine. I liked this quote because it also relates to the idea of shining your light to the world. While life may get you down sometimes and make the sky dark and stormy, you can look for the positives in a situation and try to be the sunshine in the storm. Smile, listen to an upbeat song, watch a favorite show or comedian to get you laughing, so you can bring sunshine back to your life and maybe also to those around you. Be the sunshine!

Use this printable wall art quote to inspire and encourage yourself in your home, office, dorm, or classroom. You can print it at home and hang it in a frame, with cute washi tape, or a fun thumbtack. Be creative!

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Each Printable Creations will be available for a month when the new Printable Creations is available. But the printable won't be gone forever! Once a new printable is posted, I add the previous printable to my Etsy shop.

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