Colors of Summer: Las Vegas Inspired Color Palettes

School is winding down which means it is almost summer vacation! Time for the beach, vacations, camp, mission trips, and fun in the sun. Inspired by my trip to Las Vegas last summer, I created some color palettes from some of my vacation pictures.  

Inspired by my trip to Las Vegas last summer, I created some summer color palettes from my vacation pictures.

Summer Color Palettes

I loved all the bright colors on the Las Vegas strip the walkway covers outside of Bally's to the beautiful art installations in The Bellagio. It was so colorful and bright and summery. I am excited to go back in a couple of months with a group of college friends. I also love seeing the similarities in the palettes that are from all over the Strip. Or maybe I am just attracted to the same color palettes, haha.



Which of the palettes is your favorite?

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