Creativity Is: 12 Quotes to Inspire Your Creativity


I believe creativity is something we all have. It isn’t just used by artists and designers. Every job is creative in some form or fashion, creativity just manifests itself differently in different fields. This week I wanted to share some inspiration with you. I have collected some of my favorite quotes about creativity below and hopefully they inspire you and your creativity.  

Creativity is different for everyone so this week I wanted to share quotes about what creativity means. Hopefully they inspire you and your creativity.

Creativity Is...

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -Albert Einstein


“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” -Bill Moyers


"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." -Albert Einstein


"Creativity is a wild mind and disciplined eye." -Dorothy Parker


"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." -Scott Adams


"Creativity is contagious passion." -Albert Einstein (He apparently had a lot to say about creativity and it is all really good)


“Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting.” -Edward de Bono


Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.-Julia Cameron


“Creativity is all around us, and some of the funniest, most beautiful, and touching moments happen when you least expect it.” -Bryce Dallas Howard


"There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period." -Brene Brown


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." -Maya Angelou


"Creativity takes courage." -Henri Matisse


What are your favorite inspiring quotes? Let me know in the comments!