Defining my WHY


Raye Allison Creations is back! And to get everything started, I thought I would talk about a topic that came up many times during my why. Knowing your why is the backbone of any business or project that you want to start and I hadn't really defined my why yet. But after having a good few weeks to ponder and explore the reason I do what I do, my why became clear. Knowing your why is the backbone of any business or project that you want to start and I hadn't really defined my why yet.

All My Adventures

But first I want to do an overview of the crazy month that was July. Now that all the traveling is over for the time being, I am excited to relaunch my blog. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently started a job as youth ministries coordinator at my church so July was immediately filled with youth trips. My first trip was a week at church camp where I was a cabin counselor and small group leader. It was an amazing week of fun, worship, and barely any cell service (forced unplugging!). It was inspiring to see the senior high youth grow through the week.

The next week was a normal week that I took advantage of. I worked hard that week to finish some custom orders I had gotten through my Etsy shop before I headed off on my next youth adventure...mission trip. Mission trips were always one of my favorite trips each summer with my youth group, but this was the first time I went as an adult leader. Getting the opportunity to lead a group of youth and encourage them as  we worked on houses really encouraged and inspired me.  The mission trip was in the Athens, TX which was sadly not even close to being like Greece. After mission trip, it was back home to help at Vacation Bible School and work on getting prepped for my blog relaunch by working on new Printable Creations and posts.

For the last week and a half, I explored Las Vegas with my husband and some college friends on a much-needed vacation. We got to walk around the different hotels and casinos on the Strip and see all the different themes and styles they were decorated in (very inspiring for the designer side of me). My favorite part was probably the different shows. We saw Penn & Teller, Ka by Cirque du Soleil, and Terry Factor. All were fantastic shows and so much fun. It was an amazing trip and very relaxing too.


During My Hiatus

After getting back from church camp with my youth, I was working my way through the crazy number of emails I had (so overwhelming!) and started to notice a pattern in the topics of the emails from different blogs I follow. It seemed that each email I opened was about finding and defining your WHY. The reason you work so hard toward whatever goal you have. The reason you do what you do everyday. When I started my blog, I had sort of thought about why I was doing it, but had never actually sat down, thought it out, and written it down. So I kept those emails and made a note to myself to think about my why.

After reading through the rest of my emails, I opened YouTube to catch up on the videos I had missed the last week and one of the first couple I clicked was by WheezyWaiter and what was it about? His reasons for why he creates his videos. At this point, I really stopped and thought, ok, maybe I need to actually think about now. I needed to make finding my why a priority instead of just another addition to my to-do list to eventually get to. That video on top of the emails was like a big neon sign telling me exactly what I needed to do. Nice when that happens, right?

The inspiring posts:

"Start with Why" -Perspective Collective

"How to Make Time for Lettering" -High Pulp

"Why do I keep making things?" -WheezyWaiter [VIDEO]


My Why

So in the weeks since, I have really been thinking about my why in relation to not only my blog, but my Etsy shop, and my new job working with the youth. And the one reason that crosses all three of my passions is to be a light. Even in just the last month, we can see that the world can be a dark place so I want to be a light in the darkness. I want to inspire and bring hope and joy to those around me. I want to encourage people to be who they want to be creatively. Being a light is the driving force behind what I do everyday.

Some of my other whys are a want to share my passion for lettering and design through the work that I create. My Etsy shop is slowly growing and I want that to continue. I will keep adding each new #PrintableCreation to my shop each week. Plus, there are lots of new ideas for shop listings have been building up in my head so hopefully I can start working on those soon.


Blog Schedule

To go along with defining my why, I have also been adjusting my blog schedule and plan. My Printable Creations start back up on Wednesday and will still be every Wednesday (sign-up here). I can’t wait for you guys to see my printable this week...definitely one of my favorites. My Monday graphic design posts will now be every other Monday and my Living the Creative Life posts that were on Friday are getting combined with my newsletter that goes out twice a month. Clear as mud? :) So this week I have this post and a #PrintableCreation on Wednesday. Next week will be another #PrintableCreation on Wednesday and then my newsletter will go out on Friday. The next week will be a repeat of this week and so on.

As far as the content of the blog posts go, I want to write more about the things that inspire me and why and talk more about creativity and being an artist. Get excited about all the content coming your way in the coming months!


To end this post, I just want to thank those that stuck around during my hiatus and are back for more from me and this blog. I hope what I post was worth the wait. To new readers, I am glad you are here and I hope you stick around. You can keep up with me on social media:

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