Fruit of the Spirit Bible Verse | Printable Creations

I posted on Instagram earlier this week about how I am not ready to decorate for fall yet because even Hallmark Channel is still playing their Summer Nights movies for another week. Once Hallmark says summer is over, then I will decorate for fall, lol. This month’s Printable Creations design are the fruits of the spirit:

“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control”

I did a lesson while I was youth director at my church about the fruit of the spirit and we had a lot of fun choosing actual fruit to represent each of the characteristics. They decided that love was a passion fruit or strawberry, joy was an orange, peace was a peach, patience was a coconut, kindness was a banana, goodness was an apple, faithfulness was grapes, gentleness was a kiwi, and self-control was a pineapple.

Jesus tells us that these “fruits” will come as long as we walk with the Spirit. I think we need a reminder sometimes of the characteristics we should be striving to have and how we need to represent ourselves to the world. Walk with the Spirit and allow God to help grow these fruits in your life.

Use this printable wall art quote to inspire and encourage yourself in your home, office, dorm, or classroom. You can print it at home and hang it in a frame, with cute washi tape, or a fun thumbtack. Be creative!

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Fruit of the Spirit Bible Verse Printable

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