Graduation Gift Guide


May is here and that means the end of school, summer is coming, and graduation is right around the corner. Today, I want help you with some unique ideas for gifts for the graduate in your life. Most of the gifts are good for high school or college graduates so hope this inspires you!  

Today, I want help you with some unique ideas for gifts for the graduate in your life. Most of the gifts are good for high school or college graduates so hope this inspires you!

T-shirt Pillow

Blue Moon Wearable ArtEtsy Shop: Blue Moon Wearable Art

T-shirt quilts, shams, or pillows are great gifts for graduates. If you need a high school grad gift, you can do shirts from high school as a memory  gift. Another option for both high school and college grads is college t-shirts from the college they are going to or graduating from. These are great additions to first dorm rooms or apartments!




Painted Wood Sign

Fence and FancyEtsy Shop: FenceandFancy

Love these wooden signs. She does custom signs so if your graduate isn't going or graduating from a Texas school, you don't have to worry. These would make great decor for a new grad.




Personalized Frame

Gifted OakEtsy Shop: GiftedOak

The frame does say 2015, but don't worry, these frames can be personalized with the graduates name, year, and school. She has multiple frame choices that are for graduates so head to her shop to check them out!




Wood Mount Print

LakewoodCustomArtEtsy Shop: LakewoodCustomArt

Love these wood mount prints that can be personalized for both high school grads and college grads. She has many listings for colleges already so just check out her shop to find the best choice for you and your graduate. I just love the bright colors of these prints.




Painted Globe

KelliCliftPenCraftEtsy Shop: KelliCliftPenCraft

A painted globe is a super unique gift for any graduate. You can get a personalized globe or get this fun Dr. Seuss quote.





Funny Mug

LookatthesecupsEtsy Shop: LookAtTheseCups

When I first saw this mug on Etsy, I laughed out loud. So if you have a coffee loving graduate, this makes a great and funny grad gift for them. This shop is full of fun mug designs so check out her shop for any other gifts you need.




Personalized Candle

MakeaWishCandleCoEtsy Shop: MakeAWishCandleCo

This shop is full of these simple and beautiful personalized candles for many occasions. The candle to the left is their specific one for graduates with the quote "Make a wish, you've done great, now's the time to celebrate."




Custom Map Art

typeshyshopEtsy Shop: typeshyshop

If your grad loves to travel, this is a great gift. Choose a map of a place they have been or one that they dream to visit one day. The map is placed behind the cutout words "The world is yours."




Personalized Jewelry

MyBlueSnowflakeEtsy Shop: My Blue Snowflake

I liked this personalized bangle mostly because of the "Remember the Moments" charm. Whether they are graduating from high school or college, there are great memories that should be kept in mind as they move into the next stage of life.




College Subway Sign

SussiesHomeEtsy Shop: SussiesHome

This shop is full of unique decor and gifts that are college themed. Her subway signs are probably my favorite and she has signs for most major universities. You can easily search in her shop for the school of choice for your graduate.




Quote Printable

RayeAllisonCreationsEtsy Shop: RayeAllisonCreations

This list would not be complete without a printable from my one shop. This hilarious Friends quote makes a great grad gift. Monica said this to Rachel as they were cutting up her credit cards and introducing her to their lives. "Welcome to the real world. It sucks, you're gonna love it!"



Hope this helped you find the perfect gift for the graduate you know. Let me know in the comments below if you get any of these gifts for your graduate.


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