Living the Creative Life #2


I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and have an exciting plans for the weekend. I have been particularly excited about this weekend because I am down in Port Aransas at the Texas Sandfest to see some crazy sand sculptures and maybe learn a thing or two about “building sand castles in the sand” (gotta love Robin Sparkles!). I will be posting pictures on my Instagram during the weekend and will also have some on next week’s Living the Creative Life so stay tuned! Now on to some of my favorite articles and news from personality types to how to bounce back from an off week...


Some of my favorite articles and news from the week...


This week I talked about how I was inspired by all the design work that went into the Lord of the Rings movies.


Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial breaks down her 5 reasons why freelancers should know their personality type. Plus, she recommends a cool site where you can take the test and not only find out your type, but also get tons of background info on that personality type in relation to different life situations . (P.S. I’m INFJ)


Speaking of personality types...That Hummingbird Life addressed the issue of trying all the hacks out there that have worked for other people instead of really just analyzing what works for you. You know yourself better than you think. And Sarah from Yes and Yes talks about how being yourself is way more inspiring than trying to be everyone else.


Looking for some good Photoshop tips? How about 120? Creative Bloq compiled a huge list of all the tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts you could ever want.


What differentiates a good designer from a great designer? Find out in this article about just that.


It’s important to take care and pride in all parts of a design project because the details matter, even the unseen ones.


“Creativity doesn’t just come out of thin air—it needs to be helped along.” -Creativity in 5 Simple Steps, Joseph Shaffery


Everyone has an off week sometimes. This week was one for me with my  to-do lists being in too many places and my brain trying to do too many tasks at once. But this post gives some great tips on how to bounce back from those off weeks.


I finished reading The Martian yesterday and it was bittersweet, in a good way. I am sad to be finished because it was so well written and so funny that I wanted it to keep going. But now I get to pick a new book to read...from a very long Amazon wish list. Haha!


I love colorful and quirky office supplies (like these elephant paperclips) so when I saw this list of 23 shaped paperclips and some cool holders, I couldn’t resist sharing.

What fun plans do you have for the weekend?