Living the Creative Life #5: Typography Inspiration


Hope everyone has had a fantastic week and happy Friday! This weekend I am excited about getting to hang out with some college friends and hopefully get to see the movie Money Monster. This week was all about typography on Raye Allison Creations so enjoy the fun typography inspiration, news, and articles that I found this week.


This week was all about typography on Raye Allison Creations so enjoy the fun news, articles, and inspiration that I found this week.


I finished my Design 101 series (at least for now) this week with a post all about typography.


Check out this quiz and see if you can name the different fonts...the catch is that all the fonts start with C.


A look at the meaning of some font terminology.


“Modern life would grind to a halt if every typeface suddenly vanished overnight.” -Why we need new typefaces,


Creative Bloq has a fun chart explaining what your font choice says about you.


A good argument from Bethany Heck for using more than 2 or 3 typefaces in a design. “If you hunt for similarities in the typefaces you use and exploit them, you can have a great, diverse system of multiple faces that are fundamentally quite different but work well together because you have a specific role for each to play.” -The Value of Multi-typeface design


Creative Market lays out a 7-step plan to becoming a typography expert!


Looking for design inspiration? Check out this post from Smashing Magazine featuring some vintage design examples.


From the interrobang to the Snark Mark, Mental Floss looks at 13 little known punctuation marks.


Typography can save’s how.


Most of the TV shows have their season finales (or series finales in the case of Castle, sad day) this week so it’s the week of giant cliffhangers, but that also means summer is almost here! And The Bachelorette starts on Monday, anybody else excited?!? :D