Living the Creative Life #6


Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope everyone has fun plans this weekend as summer creeps up on us. My husband and I have a pretty relaxing weekend planned since we don’t have many plans at all. Keep scrolling to see and read all the inspiring and fun articles that I have found this week.


Inspiring articles about design & creativity, design news, plus a few of my favorite things


I gave you a peek at the design books I have on my bookshelf this week with some recommendations and some of the books on my wishlist.


Some advice for design students from Saul Bass



Looking for inspiration? Try these tips from Best Kept Self for creating an inspiration-filled life.


A look at why designer's block happens and how to overcome it.


3 charts about design from Julie Zhou


“So, before we can inspire others, we must first recognize and start to reveal that within us that can give rise to that which is in others.” -Sarah Stonesifer, “Helping or Inspiring? Which of Those are You Doing?” from Best Kept Self


A guide for choosing the best design portfolio site for you and your work


“Because, the truth is, we are all creative. Whether you spend your days behind punching numbers, or you work at a local coffee shop-or your days are filled with picking up the same eight toys from the stairs and potty training and pick ups and drop offs-or painting…everything we do must contain a spark of creativity. It must.”, “Am I Creative Enough?”


Learn about the unspoken code of the best designers...the design code. It’s “what allows us design types to pull from past experiences, and provide new experiences, both of which work together to provide a consistent source of inspiration and unique final products.”


Advertising legend, Keith Reinhard, talks about the enduring power of creativity.


But creativity also has a dark secret.


On a happier note, summer is basically here and I am excited for all my summer plans! Lots of good movies to see and places to go. :)


Have any inspiration you want to share this week?