Living the Creative Life #7: Design Challenges


Can you believe it is already June? This year is flying by. But the start of June means the start of summer. The rainy weather in Texas now though is not very reflective of the new season. Today is also June 3rd which for any Gilmore Girls fans out there, it was the original date for Luke and Lorelai’s wedding. Can’t wait for the revival to finally see that wedding happen. This weekend is also graduation for many high school seniors so congratulations to the class of 2016!

I found some great inspiration and encouragement this week so check out my favorite articles of the week below.


I found some great inspiration from design challenges to a peek at designer's workspaces so check out my favorite articles of the week.


The top 20 tools I use every day for designing and blogging is on my blog so check it out if you need some workspace inspiration.


Creative Market also took a peek behind the scenes of different designer’s workspaces.


Inspired by the Twitter logo, designer Dorota Pankowska challenged herself to design 13 different animals from 13 circles.


Postage stamps...the ultimate design challenge.


Speaking of design challenges, try these 5 challenges to help spark your creativity.


Two Easels explains the 5 rules of good design.


If most of us, myself included, were completely honest about our balance between consumption and creation, we’d see that it’s pretty out of whack. We consume far more than we create when it should be the opposite.” -Srinivas Rao, “Why Excessive Consumption Limits Your Creativity”


8 tips for building your design portfolio.


Love movies and color? Check out this Twitter account that takes scenes from classic films and creates color palettes from them.


A beautifully designed and animated site that teaches you typography terms.


Designer Nikko de Jesus of Yoke Design talks about the lessons he has learned from working at a design agency


Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend...and if you live in Texas, stay dry!