New Year, New Raye Allison Creations


Well, maybe not everything is brand new, but I have made some updates and changes to my site and blog focus. But “New Year, Updated Raye Allison Creations” doesn’t have the same ring to it. :) Anyway, happy new year and welcome to 2017. It has been a crazy past few weeks. My husband and I were traveling for a week for Christmas and New Years seeing family. Once we got home, both my husband and I got sick so instead of spending last week really working on my plan for 2017 and starting the new year off right, I spent most of the week on the couch watching NCIS: Los Angeles. (Though as of writing this, I sadly caught up to the current episodes so I am eagerly waiting for the new episode on Sunday!) Well, maybe not everything is brand new, but I have made some updates and changes to site and blog focus. But “New Year, Updated Raye Allison Creations” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Change in Focus

Most of my site updates may not be completely obvious, but I have a few updates up my sleeve that are big changes. (You may have noticed my blog graphics are different, what do you think?) The main thing that has changed so far is the general direction of my blog. If you missed my 2016 Year in Review, a lot happened in 2016. When I first launched this blog, I had two different topics I wanted to do that I was trying to bring together: teaching graphic design and free printables. As I was writing and posting the different posts each week, I was realizing that the posts were going in two different directions and I was having to change mindsets each time I wrote a post. So I decided to basically choose a side to focus on and my weekly printables are the direction I want to go in. While I still love talking about design, and still will a little, it will come from the angle of designing printables rather than just general design topics.


Combining my Email lists

One place this change will be reflected is in my email list sign ups forms, alleviating some of the confusion of having two different lists. My bi-monthly newsletter will now be a part of my Printable Creations opt-in so if you would like to stay updated on my blog, Etsy shop, and want to get a free printable every week, you can sign up for my Printable Creations emails. If you were already a Printable Creations subscriber, nothing will change for you.


Happy Birthday, Raye Allison Creations!

January 1 marked my Etsy shop’s first birthday! Whoop! I can’t believe it has already been a year. I have some big goals for my shop this year and I am hoping that with the changes in my blog direction, I can get more eyes on my Etsy shop.


Phrase of the Year

This year I decided to pick a phrase to focus on not just for my business but my life in general. This year my focus is a verse from Matthew, “Shine like stars in the world.” I want to shine my light in this crazy world we live in every day. In my business, I want my printables to be bright, fun, and encouraging to the people who receive them. As a youth director, I want my youth to see God’s light shining and learn to see God’s light in themselves. I want 2017 to be a bright and happy year for everyone around me.


So what else is coming in 2017?

My Printable Creations starts back up on Wednesday and I am excited to get back into designing these each week.

One of my goals for my Printable Creations this year is to help with decor with “One Frame, One Year of Printables.” I sort of started this at the end of last year, but I want to make it easy to decorate for all the different holidays without having to buy new decorations. Each month, one of my printables will be about a holiday or season that is starting that month so using only one frame, your decor can change all year. (If you subscribe between now and Wednesday, you can still get my Happy New Year printable for January!)


It’s a new year and I have lots of exciting ideas brewing and am excited to see how this year turns out. Hope everyone has had a great start to 2017 so far!