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Jane Austen writes some very wise words. She is great at playing character traits off each other--Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility--only to reveal that a mix of both is better than either on it’s own. This quote from Austen’s book Sense & Sensibility explores the dichotomy of words versus actions explaining that actions are much more defining of who you are than your words or thoughts. Actions speak louder than words. You can apply this, not only your interactions with other people in life, but also to how you work to achieve your creative dreams. What actions can you take this week to further your dreams? Take action toward becoming the creative person you want to be. Some actions you can take are planning time to write or draw or sew, scheduling a launch date, or buying a domain name. Whatever it is, the action is the most important part. Saying you will do it will never get it done.

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Creating my Printable Creation

This week, I wanted to add in the process I took to create this printable. This quote went through many iterations before I landed on this one. When I was first sketching thumbnails for it, none of the ideas seemed inspiring to me. It took me setting down my sketchbook and letting my head clear before scrolling through Pinterest inspired me to go in a different direction as far as the lettering style but still include some elements from my original sketches.


Sense & Sensibility sketches


Sense & Sensibility InkedAfter picking the sketch I wanted to use, I redrew the thumbnail on a full-page of my sketchbook and refined the idea. Then using my trusty Micron pens and Pitt artist pens, I went to work inking the sketch.

Using the inked version of the sketch as a guide, I traced the words in Illustrator using the pen tool and blob brush tool. I used the pen tool to trace the three main words, “Say,” “Think,” and “Do.” Then for the smaller words, I used the Blob Brush tool. This tool is fairly new to Illustrator and is similar to the paintbrush tool but they differ in the result when you release the mouse click. Just like the paintbrush, you can change the size and shape of the brush tip, but the blob brush results in a shape rather than a line. Sense & Sensibility Digital SketchAnd for letters that take more than one stroke to draw, it automatically connects touching shapes to create one shape. I hadn’t really used the blob brush tool before, but it will definitely be a go-to now, over the paint brush, for lettering work.

The next step for the printable was choosing a color scheme. I honestly just stumbled into the ombre-esque scheme I went with as I was testing colors. The different colors emphasized each word differently with the action word being the brightest pink.

I then brainstormed some different decorative elements I could add to the design and landed on shadows on the main three words was simple but emphasized them nicely. I then also added the shadow effect to the symbol I drew for each word to connect them together.

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