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Starting your day on the right foot can really affect how your day goes. Getting yourself in a good mood after you wake up can help you get there. This quote, though not said by him, really reminds me of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.  

“When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story. ” -Barney Stinson


For Barney, pretty much everything in life was “legen--wait for it--dary” and awesome. Find what helps you to see everyday as legendary whether that’s a playlist of songs you listen to every morning or listening to a podcast on the way to work. Or maybe it’s quiet time that helps you start the day right. Whatever it is, make sure you make everyday an awesome day. Suit up!

Print out this quote and put it somewhere that you will see every morning so that every morning you can “wake up & be awesome.” You can do it!


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Creating the Creation

For this week’s Printable Creation, I had come up with a basic style for the words of the quote in my head before I started sketching and that was the style that stayed until the end. When digitizing the quote, I used the same tools as last week: my new best friend the blob brush tool and the pen tool. I used the blob brush for the top line “Wake up &” and then traced the second line “Be Awesome” with the pen tool. The 3-D effect on "be awesome" was done with the Appearance panel in Illustrator. With the appearance panel, you are able to add multiple strokes and fills to the shape and then add effects to those strokes and fills. In this case, I added a stroke and second fill to the letters in a darker yellow. I then added a transform effect to the second fill (fx button on panel > Distort & Transform > Transform) that created 20 copies of the fill and moved them horizontally and vertically to mimic the 3-D effect. The appearance panel is a tool worth exploring when you have some time, it can do a ton of effects. Once I had the effect I wanted on one of the letters, I selected all the letters I wanted to have the 3-D effect and used the shape builder tool to essentially copy that effect to them all. Illustrator makes some things so easy! Plus, the effect is connected to the shape so if you adjust the points or curves of the original shape, the other strokes and fills are also changed automatically. 


Creating the Creation


My original sketch had the two lines of text offset. Once I had the quote in Illustrator though, the offset lines meant the words had to be smaller and it was going to be too much whitespace. To help the text better fill the space, I centered the two lines on top of each other. But that messed up my idea of having the cloud and sun in the corners created by the offset text. So I had some playing around to do to figure out how I wanted to style the rest of the quote. And that sort of threw me off. I started trying to choose colors--I knew I wanted the “Be Awesome” to be yellow and happy--but I couldn’t quite get it all to look right. The background colors I was trying just didn’t pull the piece together. So I took a break to have lunch and while I was making lunch, I came up with the idea to put the sun and cloud illustrations behind the text. I rushed back to my computer and quickly drew the cloud with the regular brush tool and it was like a lightbulb went on. The design came together. After lunch, I tweaked the cloud and sun and added the rays. The colors then easily fell into place and I loved it. It is so bright and happy and exactly what I was going for.



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