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One of my favorite TV shows is Friends. I have seen the whole series at least twice and still love watching the episodes on rerun. Even when I have seen the episode 10 times, the jokes never seem to get old. Chandler’s comments and sarcastic lines are the best, my favorite being when he can’t make the whip crack sound and Joey tries to show him how to make the sound correctly. {Check out the clip here} Definitely my favorite scene in the whole show.  

This E.E Cummings quote reminds me that laughing is an important part of life. It helps make life enjoyable. So find your favorite funny TV/movie clip or that sneezing panda video and have a good laugh. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. 


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Creating the Creation

Tools I used: blub brush, pen tool, rectangle tool


from sketch to digital sketch


The main issue I struggled with this week was getting the colors to look nice once it was printed. As I talked about in my post on Monday, the number of colors that can be created on a computer screen is larger than what your printer can produce so I ended up doing 6 test prints before I found a color combination that I liked. The green I chose first looked great, but finding the right blue for the background and the right contrast for the stars was difficult. The colors print darker than they appear so the prints weren’t conveying as much happiness as I was wanting. After mostly trying to have the stars be a shade, or darker version, of the background color, I ended up going with a tint, or lighter version, of the background color.

Hope you enjoy this week’s printable!


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