Playful Paths to Love

Welcome to Playful Paths to Love! This passion project is a result of Lauren Hom’s Passion to Paid course and my love for infographics and love stories, from delightfully cheesy Hallmark Channel movies to Jane Austen classics. Each week, I will be posting here and on Instagram (@playfulpathstolove) a new flowchart design breaking down the character’s path to love. I hope you follow along with this project and enjoy seeing how our favorite characters fall in love.


Becca Foster & Kyle Taylor
from Hallmark’s “The Last Bridesmaid”

I really enjoyed this June weddings movie with a 27 Dresses spin of a perpetual bridesmaid and a guy who works in the wedding industry but is cynical about love. The cynicism never lasts though as they realize true love does exist. Throw in them bonding over passion projects and it’s a cute and sweet love story.

Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars

This star-crossed love story of two teenagers with cancer has been one of my favorite books and movie adaptation for the last few years. My all-time favorite movie is A Walk to Remember, so I apparently have a weird thing for sad cancer love stories. I definitely recommend this book (& movie) by John Green.

Tia Larkin & Jake Jarett
from Hallmark’s “All Summer Long”

The penultimate Summer Nights Hallmark Channel movie was a cute story of summer love and getting reacquainted with a college sweetheart. I love Autumn Reeser, so I was excited to see where this movie went. Tia needed a break from being a lawyer and took on being captain of her uncle’s new dinner cruise boat. And who just so happens to be the chef on the boat…her ex and college sweetheart. What are the odds?!? But, of course, young/first loves always end up together, so Tia & Jake work out their past and fall in love all over again.

Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger
from the Harry Potter series

I love Harry and Ginny, but making us wait through 6 whole books and then most of the 7th for these two to finally admit their feelings for each other, it was torture. But the situation fit their characters perfectly...kissing in the middle of a huge battle in Hogwarts because Ron wants to save the house elves in the kitchens. Yay! ⁠I simplified a lot of Ron and Hermione's relationship to flipping between bickering, flirting, and jealousy of the other having a crush. They are so cute! :P

Brooklyn Moore & Devin Knight
from Hallmark’s “Over the Moon in Love”

This wasn’t the fall themed movie I was expecting during “Fall Harvest” on Hallmark, but after reading Cyrano de Bergerac in high school, I always love a good Cyrano storyline. This movie is centered around high school best friends, Brooklyn and Devin, who drift apart after graduation, but are reunited 12 years later. Brooklyn runs a match making business and Devin is a singer/songwriter. Devin has always been in love with Brooklyn, but Brooklyn never admits having feelings for Devin until she has to set up Devin with someone else and play Cyrano. She soon realizes she is in love with Devin, of course, and has to figure out how to admit what she did and prove her feelings.

Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley
from the Harry Potter series

As a redhead, I love Ginny Weasley’s character. And she and Harry have a roller coaster love story that goes from best friend’s little sister to love of his life, all while Harry tries to not get killed at the end of every school year. Why did the movies have to make their love story seem so awkward?

Ally Craig & Jake Terry
from Hallmark’s “Love & Sunshine”

I really enjoyed this Hallmark Channel movie about a plant nursery owner, an off-duty Army soldier and the dog that brings them together. This movie didn’t follow the usual Hallmark movie timeline with the couple kissing before the end of the movie and showing the couple dating before the conflict arises that almost breaks them up. But don’t worry, it is still the classic Hallmark happy ending.

Gabriela Diaz & Jake Taylor
from Netflix’s “Falling Inn Love”

Since Netflix had success with their own Hallmark-style Christmas movies, over Labor Day weekend, they released a new Hallmark-style movie called “Falling Inn Love” (so punny!). I thoroughly enjoyed this movie that took us to a small town in New Zealand where a big time design exec. from San Francisco falls in love with the contractor she partners with to flip an inn. The two leads are complete opposites and walk the line between flirting and wanting to kill each other most of the movie. It is fun story and the New Zealand accents don’t hurt.

Jenna Murphy & Charlie O’Hanlon
from Hallmark’s “Forever In My Heart”

Hallmark whisked us off to Ireland in their movie “Forever in My Heart.” This movie deals with the trope that first love is always last love. It doesn’t matter that she had started dating a perfectly good guy after leaving Ireland and she said yes to his marriage proposal. When she gets back to Ireland and gets reacquainted with her first love, Charlie, that was the beginning of the end for new fiance. And of course, it ends with a dance, giving her a ring (without officially proposing), and a kiss.

Rory Gilmore & Jess Mariano
from Gilmore Girls

As I mentioned before, I love Gilmore Girls. There is a lot of debate around who is the favorite boyfriend of Rory and my vote is bad boy and avid reader, Jess. While they had a rocky relationship when they first dated in high school because Jess was so angry, once he grew up, I think he was the best of the boyfriends for our girl, Rory. They had the same love of reading and adored Rory no matter what was happening in his life. And he wrote a book?!? And was the catalyst to get Rory back into Yale. Team Jess all the way.

Sarah Standor & Bradley Suttons
from Hallmark’s “A Country Wedding”

This is my favorite Hallmark movie and I will watch it whenever I see it on. I am always a fan of the childhood sweetheart story line.. Of course, Hallmark loves for the endgame couple to have some sort of project/deal they have to work together on to bring them closer like mending fences and planning his wedding.

Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy
from Pride & Prejudice

This is my favorite Jane Austen book. I love a love story that goes from mutual dislike to “you have bewitched me body & soul.” While it is a common storyline, I love Austen’s story and Elizabeth’s determination to marry for love and nothing else, forcing them both to really look at their feelings as the story progresses and change their minds about the other person rather than stick with first impressions.

Stephanie & Alex
from Hallmark’s “My One and Only”

As a Bachelor fan, I was excited to see this Hallmark movie centered around a reality dating show. They definitely simplified the TV show aspect to the point of it being unrealistic about how to film a reality tv show (the irony, lol), but overall, the love story portion was cute and I liked the two main characters. The two leads for the tv show in the movie both ended up falling in love with someone they met at the ranch where the show was being filmed. Small town love strikes again!

Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes
from Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite TV show, so I was really excited to design the path of Lorelai and Luke’s love story. Lorelai and Luke’s story of course starts with coffee. While Luke falls for Lorelai fairly quickly and holds in his feelings for years, it takes Lorelai a little longer to realize her feelings for Luke, but when she does, they have an awesome and hilarious relationship. Their first kiss during the Dragonfly Inn soft opening is one of my favorite Luke & Lorelai moments.
”Will you just stand still?”