Playful Paths to Love

Welcome to Playful Paths to Love! This passion project is a result of Lauren Hom’s Passion to Paid course and my love for infographics and love stories, from delightfully cheesy Hallmark Channel movies to Jane Austen classics. Each week, I will be posting here and on Instagram (@playfulpathstolove) a new flowchart design breaking down the character’s path to love. I hope you follow along with this project and enjoy seeing how our favorite characters fall in love.


Becca Foster & Kyle Taylor
from Hallmark’s “The Last Bridesmaid”

I really enjoyed this June weddings movie with a 27 Dresses spin of a perpetual bridesmaid and a guy who works in the wedding industry but is cynical about love. The cynicism never lasts though as they realize true love does exist. Throw in them bonding over passion projects and it’s a cute and sweet love story.

Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars

This star-crossed love story of two teenagers with cancer has been one of my favorite books and movie adaptation for the last few years. My all-time favorite movie is A Walk to Remember, so I apparently have a weird thing for sad cancer love stories. I definitely recommend this book (& movie) by John Green.

Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley
from the Harry Potter series

As a redhead, I love Ginny Weasley’s character. And she and Harry have a roller coaster love story that goes from best friend’s little sister to love of his life, all while Harry tries to not get killed at the end of every school year. Why did the movies have to make their love story seem so awkward?

Sarah Standor & Bradley Suttons
from Hallmark’s “A Country Wedding”

This is my favorite Hallmark movie and I will watch it whenever I see it on. I am always a fan of the childhood sweetheart story line. And Hallmark loves for the endgame couple to have some sort of project/deal they have to work together on to bring them closer.