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Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I’m Raye and I am a freelance graphic designer and hand lettering artist who loves to use bright & happy colors in my designs. I am an artist in a family of engineers and have been doing graphic design and hand lettering since about 7th grade.

Handlettering, typography, and layout are my bread and butter. I believe that designs tell a story and the style and layout of the words in a design are as important to that story as the images.

I handletter monthly art printables, called Printable Creations, of inspiring quotes or Bible verses that are sent to my subscribers (you can subscribe below!). I also have an Etsy shop with a variety of home decor and quote art that you can print at home, or have professionally printed, to add to your home decor or give as a gift.

If you are wanting a specific quote or a new color scheme for an existing design, I will work with you to design something custom just for you. I believe that decor tells your story of who you are and what you like and I want to help you have unique art that shows your personality and style.

When I am not drawing in Procreate, you can find me DIYing home decor, playing with my beagle puppy, and watching Hallmark Channel movies over the weekend. Interested in working with me? Shoot me an email at


I’m glad you are here